The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

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  • This introductory course for the APM not only leads to a recognised world-wide qualification, but is also a comprehensive introduction to the tools and techniques required by any project manager.
  • This course is ideal for anyone new to a project environment, and those who need to formalise their knowledge.
  • This certificate is the first qualification in the APM’s development path.
  • There are NO Prerequisites to prepare or sit the exam

Did you know that the APM arranges Open Exams for you to self-study with my Project Fundamentals Qualification Mastery System?

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The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (APMIC) is the vital launch for you into project management

The Association for Project Management is the professional body for project management with over 14,000 individual members and 400 corporate members.

The syllabus for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification covers the essential elements of project management will ensure you become familiar with the processes tools and techniques of project management. it will equip you to make more effective contribution to the delivery of successful project in your organization.

This course is ideal for those who are new the environment of project management and want to develop a better understanding of project management processes, behaviors, tools and techniques.

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My name is David Litten. I am Europe’s #1 Project Management trainer, and yes I enjoy the kudos, travel and lifestyle that comes with all that. I have created the worlds finest APM Project Fundamentals Qualification Mastery System. It is inexpensive, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step downloadable videos, with simple fast-track exercises to make it really easy to absorb!

The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (formerly called the APMIC)

Maybe you went after Project Management, or maybe it’s been thrust upon you. Either way you are looking at attending an APMIC training course soon, and although you quite like the idea of the qualification, the usual way to study for it is in a classroom, under pressure, and no time for going ‘back over’ any ideas you’ve missed.

My APM Introductory Certificate Primer is a Step by Step Video Home Study Primer on downloadable Step-By-Step Guide and MP4 videos:

 APM Project Fundamentals

Want to speedily Master The APM Project Fundamentals Syllabus?

Just do this:

  • Watch the 7 videos lessons at a time to suit you
  • Follow along, step-by-step in your Full Colour Handbook
  • Breeze through the 30 syllabus-focused intuitive exercises
  • Test how much you’ve absorbed with my 120-question Sample Exam Paper
    Questions & Answers
  • Study at whatever pace suits you. Pause, rewind, review whenever you wish

The Benefits To You Are Very Real:

  • You save a ton of money – NO training travel, accomodation and expensive
    classroom training
  • Watch, rewind, pause –learn at a pace and time that suits you
  • Fast-track learning videos –saves you hours of work effort rather than
    3 days sitting in a classroom

You get My 141 page Handbook Step-By-Step Guide and 30 Key Point EXAM Exercises

Here are some sample pages and sample examples from the Handbook:

APM Project Fundamentals


Here´s an Example from My live Sample Exam Questions and Answers:

APM Sample Exam Question

January 27 2015

Hi Dave,

Just to let you know that I passed the APMIC exam first time and that is due to your excellent course!

I am now considering doing your PRINCE 2 primer to further my knowledge and give a further boost to my career prospects!

I am not the greatest at e-learning courses and prefer tutor lead classroom work; however your APMIC video training Primer was just like being in a classroom, with the added bonus that you and rewind and watch the lessons over and over again.riklee

Once again thanks for your help and support,

Best regards

Richard Lee

So, how much is your investment in my APM Project Fundamentals Qualification Home Study Training Course?

Well, lets see what you get:-

INSTANT ACCESS to The 7 video home study course. Download onto your PC your full lifetime access to my APMIC Video Reference Library. Yours to view, rewind, pause, and fast-forward as many times as you wish. You’ll never miss a thing!

These high-quality videos are laser targeted against the Official APMIC Syllabus. No fluff or filler included!

Your APMIC Workbook contains full colour pictures of my Master PowerPoint slide set with plenty of space for you to note down key points and learning outcomes.

Read, absorb, test, and learn.

Pause, fast-forward and rewind at your leisure.

All this for a one-time investment of only £57.00

So how much would the equivalent classroom training cost?

Check it out, you’ll find classroom training costs £470 or more. Ouch!

How much EASIER will your training course be with this information at your disposal? How much will your status and income potential increase with this qualification? Even a modest pay rise would pay for my APMIC Primer within a couple of hours.

Even if you don’t want to attend an APMIC training course right now, but are moving into project management, imagine how you’d feel if you didn’t respond to my special one-time offer, because if your situation changes later, you’d have to attend an expensive 2-day training course the hard way!

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PS Don’t forget you’ll have my full APMIC video reference Library, 141 page Handbook, A Full Sample Exam Paper with answers and 30 key-fact exercises.